Well & Septic

Well & Septic Inspections



Our specialists will perform a visual evaluation of the well system to verify proper working condition.

Well Water Analysis

RAL will submit a well water sample to a qualified lab for analysis.  Well water testing will meet State or local requirements as required.



Open Tank Septic Inspection

During the open tank septic inspection, the septic tank lid will be exposed and the system will be pumped providing our specialists a more detailed view of the interior conditions of the tank.  Although the digging process will likely disturb a small area of the yard, this type of inspection can reveal concerns that could otherwise go undetected.

Visual Septic Inspection

A visual septic inspection is a limited evaluation of a septic systems operation.  This inspection is designed to provide our clients with a cursory report without inspecting the underground components of the system.  For a more detailed report, RAL recommends the Open Tank Septic Inspection.         

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